Our Services

Swedish/Relaxation Massage - Warm oil or lotion on bare skin with flowing strokes, friction, and kneading to relax the muscles, facilitate healthy circulation and relieve stress. The pace of the massage is slow, moderate to deep, and restful.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue/NMT/Medical - A combination of Eastern shiatsu (acupressure) and Western knowledge using trigger point therapy.

Hot Stone Massage — “Five times more relaxing than ordinary massage.” Warm stones are placed under and or top of the body providing deep penetrating heat, while the therapist uses hot stones to perform the massage. Tissue clearing, rejuvenation and intense relaxation are enhanced.

Sports Massage — For the serious athlete or weekend warrior who wants to prevent injuries, improve performance, facilitate recovery or promote healing. Concentrated on specific areas to loosen adhered tissue and increase range of motion. Highly effective for keeping the muscles in their best possible shape. Pre or post event, and maintenance massages all benefit the athlete.

Lymphatic Drainage - The lymphatic system is responsible for waste disposal and immune system response. A very soft and specific technique enhances the function of the lymphatic system overcome by inactivity, consumption of junk foods and beverages, or inadequate water intake; thereby reducing fluid retention and increasing immunity and detoxification of the body.

Prenatal Massage - Pregnancy brings with it all types of physical and emotional changes. Research shows many beneficial effects for both mom and baby related to decreasing stress hormones and improving circulation and relaxation; including shorter labor, less pain and fewer complications before, during and after delivery.

Infant/Child Massage - Taught to family members or caregIvers interested in enhancing baby’s well-being: emotionally, physically, and mentally while both experience relaxation, strengthened bonding, and increased confidence in their skills. Proven to ease common discomforts by improving respiratory and digestive functions. A wonderful gift for Mom in her last month of pregnancy. Call for dates and location of classes in your area. Private sessions available.

Paraffin Treatments - Experience this quick but effective treatment: delivers heat to painful joints or body parts, pulls out toxins, in¬creases circulation to the area, and leaves the skin smooth, soft and pliable. Joint range of motion is enhanced; exercises are easier
Paraffin hands or feet with lotion massage 30 min.
Footbath plus paraffin feet with lotion massage 30 min.
Deluxe: Footbath + paraffin hands and feet 30 min.

Arthritis Treatment - Deep penetrating pain relief with Biofreeze - a greaseless, soothing, stainless gel containing Ilex - an herb from Holly. “For maximum pain relief” of painful joints or strained, sore muscles. Include with any procedure add $5
Take a “no touch roll-on” or tube home with you $10

Belavi Facelift Massage - A luxurious, safe and effective method of treating the problem of aging skin without surgery. This luxurious massage firms and tones the muscles of the face and throat.
The shoulders, upper back, hands & feet are included for total relaxation … 1 hr
Include a thorough back and neck massage … 1 1/2 hr

Body Wraps - Rejuvenate, detoxify, nourish, firm or tone your skin
Your choice: Honey Almond, Salt or Sugar Glow, Pumpkin Spice, Warm Gingerbread,
Algae /Thallassotherapy, Moor Mud (based on product availability)

30 Minute Sessions - Great after a hard day or when a little pampering is needed:
Neck, shoulders and back - for relaxation
Neck, shoulders and back - for tension/stress relief
Relaxing Facial Massage
Rejuvenating Facial Massage.
Footbath, Hands & Feet massage with lotion

Massage Fees
Each Massage is personalized to your specific requests/needs.
Feel free to request ice, heat, aromatherapy, emphasis to areas of discomfort; without any additional charges.
½ hr… $35 1 hr… $60 1 ½ hr ... $85 2 hr... $110